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Agent Orange outside of Vietnam





My name is Van Sanderson and I have been researching the use, storage

and disposal of the dioxin herbs on Guam. I retrieved a letter from the

Veterans Affairs Committee, Lane Evan's website. While addressing the 

Use of AO on Guam the DoD spoke of 5000 drums of Agent Purple being stored

on Guam for use in Korea. They also stated it was sent back to the US

and wasn't used. I haven't been able to substantiate whether it was

returned or not.


On Guam 2,4,5,T and 2,4,5,TP Silvex are in the drinking water along 

With 2,4,D. Veterans I am in contact with have testified to the use of AO on

Guam as early as 1959 and as late as about 1970. My understanding is

that Agent White was used on Guam as early as about 1944. This is also

when the massive spraying of DDT was going on even by airplane and

helicopter. I have pictures of the rainbow herbs being stored on Guam 

in late 1960's. They were sent to me by a fella who used the herbs, AO, 

and others on the island.

The silvex is in the drinking water of every military well I have 

Looked at, both north and south. Even in high amounts as late as 1983. In the

North the military gets their water from the aquifer and the south gets

it water from Fena Lake. The water in Fena was also used to supply the

fleet that ported on Guam.

Dioxin is the highest I have found in the world in soil on Guam as 


Andersen AFB has dioxin as high as 19,000ppm. Dioxin can be found in

numerous sites on Andersen and other military bases and dumps. The sole

source drinking water aquifer sits below Andersen AFB and has a huge

contamination problem. Every contaminant the military had to offer is 

in it.

I didn't see a site for AO use outside of Vietnam. It is becoming an

issue as we speak with the Veterans Affairs Committee. AO was used all

over and as hard as it seems for me to believe the DoD has stated that

most of the stockpiles of these herbs were used, stored and disposed of

outside of Vietnam, to the tune of about 75%.


Thank you for your time and if you would like any further info please

don't hesitate to contact me. 


Van Sanderson: